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Organizing Services

Too Much Clutter To Focus on the Things You Love To Do? Let's Get Your Space Organized!

Reclaim Your Studio!

Organizing Services
Quilters, Sewists,
and 2D & 3D Creative Makers of All Types. 

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We like creating, why let your space delay and derail your creativity when we can take your space from cluttered and stressful to beautiful and efficient? With our specialized expertise in creating, organizing, and design we are the perfect partner to assist you! Best part is your newly organized space will give you the skills to keep your space this way and you will have our guidance to reach this transformation. Let’s start today so you can find more joy every day in a space you love!

Are you a quilter, garment sewist, or textile artist with a space too crammed full of supplies and works in projects (WIPs) that it’s keeping you from sewing your dream projects or preventing you from creating joy?


Or are you a 2D or 3D artist with a dedicated home or leisure studio space in dire need of a refresh, reorganizing, and rearranging to better your craft and easily catalog and find your supplies? 


We offer scalable services so you can receive the exact assistance you need, without any upselling or pressure. All organizing products/furniture/accessories are purchased directly by you, so you can avoid any purchasing or markup fees typically experienced with hiring a designer. If you use any of my affiliate links to purchase, I may earn a very small commission from those links, which helps sustain our Studio. 

Reclaim Your Studio

Basic Package

If you are good at following directions and working on your own or prefer to work at your own pace, then this is the package for you.

This includes our full service step by step workbook that will guide you on how to take your space from chaos to organized and supportive.

With our exclusive workbook and one 30 minute call to use during any part of the process, we will be by your side supporting you at each step to rejuvenate, organize, and love your maker space again. Workbook includes prompts to keep you on track, how to know what to keep and how to store it, a list of suggested products & techniques to maximize your dream space and practices to keep it tidy for the long haul. 

Call must occur within 60 days of package purchase.

Coming Soon!


Reclaim Your Studio

Extended Package

If you would like more interactive guidance and prefer step by step check-ins along the way, then this package is just right for you.

This includes our exclusive full service workbook, one 30 minute initial consultation call to get you started and answer any questions, two additional 30 minute calls to check progress, discuss specific steps or worksheets, or ask for direction when stuck.

We will also send you one wrap up email with customized tips for maintaining your space, a list of helpful organzational products and room layout tips just for you. 

Call must occur within 60 days of package purchase.

Coming Soon!


Reclaim Your Studio

A La Carte Services

30 Minute Virtual Call $60

60 Minute Virtual Call $130

This can be used for any step in the process or as a one-time consultation call. If you would prefer extra time together to work in real time with me on the call to answer questions as you organize, this is for you. 

Or if you are pretty sure of what you want to tackle in your space but want to review your gameplan with a professional and make sure you aren’t missing anything or simply want some quick expert opinions on rearranging your space, this call is for you too.



The Dangers of Keeping Your Studio Exactly the Way it is:

  • Endless overwhelm and frustration at not being able to find the items you need to do the projects you want

  • Stress every time you think of your space and how much chaos is in there

  • Not being able to enjoy or start new projects because the mess is endless

  • Holding onto supplies, tools, or bins and containers that no longer serve you or your craft thereby crippling your creating efforts

  • Delaying your creative process and avoiding your me time to create due to mess overwhelm

Benefits Of Our Services Are Endless and Include:

  • Instantly being able to create projects you love in a Studio that supports your creativity and making

  • A Studio only filled with tools and supplies that you want and love to use

  • A feeling of calm and refresh from having let go of WIPs no longer serving you

  • Immense amounts of joy and delight from having a creative Studio that is all your own. We bet it will be your favorite place to be!

  • Newfound confidence and happiness in knowing you can maintain your Studio to support all of your making

If any of this sounds desirable, these services are for you. 

Studio Design Package

Full Space Design Service


This is combining our expertise in organization and interior design and decorating to provide you with a professional interior design scheme specifically tailored to your Studio space. This does not replace the ‘Reclaim Your Studio’ Services as those are strictly organizing. This service is for an interior design and decorating package and focuses more on finishes, furniture, and decorative accessories. 

All files will be electronic and sent via email.

This is a full interior design finishes and furniture package so you can take this and know exactly which finishes, decorative lighting, and artwork to put in your space to make it your dream space! All implementation will be completed by you and your handy people.

Electronic files will include:

  •  One page concept vision board

  • Images of product types

  • Full list of links so you can make purchases to complete your space. 

  • The images and links will includes selections for finishes (paint, wallcovering, flooring, rugs, main furniture pieces, and accessories such as art, decorative accent lighting, and similar items as applicable)

Disclaimer – this service does not provide code reviews, licensed design drawings, or construction drawings. This focuses on interior finish and aesthetic renovations only. 

A complete finish and furniture scheme for you to implement with a clear style direction is the goal of this package.


This does not replace the Reclaim Your Studio Service and will not address specific organizing needs covered in that package. This is a companion service or a suitable service if your space is already organized and clutter free.

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