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Privacy Policy

It is illegal to copy, share, transmit, distribute or resell SOG products and downloads in any form. This includes duplicating or using SOG service products, templates, forms or verbiage or service methodologies for your own business or organization. SOG product tiers and service lines as well as all forms or templates are proprietary and shall not be duplicate or replicated for your own business or home profit reasons. All rights reserved.


Copyright Studio of Growth 2022

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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of digital downloads, gift cards, and consulting services, our products and services are exempt from being returned or refunded. If you have questions about your purchase or for any reason are unhappy with your purchase, please email us at Subject line: Orders. We want everyone to be happy and delighted with SOG’s suite of services and understand sometimes there are questions or concerns about specific offerings.

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Disclosure and Affiliate Links Policy

Throughout our website, social media posts, and email or marketing communications, you may see our affiliate links. These customized affiliate links, provided by the retailer to track referrals to their website, allow us to earn a very small commission when you make a purchase with those links. This is at No additional cost to you, does not affect the price you see, and is one way we can afford to keep our website and communications ad free and run a healthy business. Thank you for shopping with us! Small steps, like shopping with our affiliate links, really do add up in keeping us going. 

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