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This is combining our expertise in organization and interior design and decorating to provide you with a professional interior design scheme specifically tailored to your Studio space. This does not replace the ‘Reclaim Your Studio’ Services as those are strictly organizing. This service is for an interior design and decorating package for your maker space only and focuses more on finishes, furniture, and decorative accessoriesassuming your space is already organized and outfitted with major pieces of equipment/furniture.


Studio Design Package

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Depending on your space and exact needs, a SSP may include some or all of the below:

    • Wall finishes: specific paint colors for walls, trim, and ceiling or wallcovering
    • Floor finishes: existing, or color/pattern suggestions for new carpeting, wood look or tile. Product suggestions will be provided as concepts and color/pattern direction so you have a direction for sourcing product readily available near you.
    • Lighting: specific products for decorative and/or task lighting with product links
    • Art and Accessories includes new art options and/or suggestions for displaying some of your creations as professional art in your space. This also includes decorative & functional accessories to really you’re your space sing! Product links included as applicable.

    When ordering this package, please fill out and return the required form as well as upload required dimensions and photos. Please indicate clearly on the forms any items in your space that must be reused. 

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