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Stash Pairings

Let's Get Those Colors & Patterns Coordinated!

See Stash Pairing Packages Below

Do you have a plentiful stash of fabrics or maybe a list of projects you want to do? And no idea where to start on using your stash fabrics for projects? Have 1 or a couple fabrics you like but not sure what else to put with them so you can do your project?

Let us help! Via photos, email, and PDFs, we will take your existing fabrics and pair with the right complements for your specific project. Everything will be documented (with fabric links where applicable) and sent via email. Let's get you stash busting today!

At time of purchase, please upload the name (if able) and photos (2-3 are best in varying lighting or with and without flash for color/scale) of the fabric in your stash you would like to use. Please indicate on the form what type of project (quilt, home décor, garment, other – explain) and how many total fabrics you need. Include photos or links to other fabrics in your stash if you would like those considered as well as any
specific colors you really love or really dislike.

We will review all of this information, then email you back selections for your project to coordinate with your stash fabrics. All new selections can be purchased online via provided links (small businesses) or at your local preferred shop.
Then you are ready to go! Happy sewing! 

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