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Designer Friend

Let's Chat

This is for a one time, series of questions or interconnected set of decisions. If you feel like you need to discuss a couple of decisions with a designer, then this is your service. 


If you would like to purchase this service and add-on a live video call to review the options and ask any questions, you can purchase the expanded service below. This includes one (1) video call 30-60 mins in length after we receive all of your information. 


  • Recommending a new color palette or style direction for a space, complete with a grouping of inspiration images and specific colors or pattern types

  • Need 4-6 new furniture, textile, or accessory items for your space and clueless on where to shop or out of time? We'll use our designer mind to do the searching and gathering for you and send you a list of products (w/options!) for your specific needs.  All purchasing done directly by you (no markups). 

  • Deciding between or providing options for multiple product combinations. Note: this is different than the Quick Question service as multiple products/product types are included in each question/solution.Examples include:

    • 2-3 options for a combo of new bedside tables and lamps to go with your existing bed. Or a choice between 3 new area rugs with corresponding sofas and curtains for your space. (This service would provide up to 3 options for a sofa, 3 options for a rug, and 3 options for curtains. Each of the three would form a complete grouping.)

    • 2-3 groupings of options for a main wall color, trim color, and accent color for a specific space. 

    • Not being sure where to start with your space transformation and wanting recommendations for 2-3 key changes to make to your space to meet your new goal.


  • After your checkout, you will receive a link to answer our customized form. There you can fill in and upload all information related to your question: images, links, photographs, written explanation.

  • From there, we will review and assemble a design soultion tailored to your specific needs. This will be sent via email and will include written recommendations, images, and product links as applicable.

  • We aim to turnaround these questions quickly so you can get back to living and enjoying your space as soon as possible.

*Please feel free to email us if you are unsure which service you need. Subject: Designer Friend Question

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