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Home Design & Decorating

Are Your Spaces Feeling Lackluster? Let's Make Them Lovely With Easy Designer Expertise at Your Fingertips!

Designer Friend Services

Need a BF With A Good Design Eye? Let's Talk Design!

See Designer Friend Packages Below

Are you someone who always wanted to hire an interior designer but was too intimidated or unsure where to start?

Or afraid to spend a ton of money with someone you aren’t sure about?


Are you fairly confident about some of your home decorating skills but feel like certain things or spaces are out of your abilities?


Are you someone who doesn’t need full designer services but does need some encouragement, a fresh perspective, or additional help with specific parts of your home? Would you like an expert to provide guidance and decisions on small or individual design decisions?


Then our Designer Friend Services are made for you!


It’s the equivalent to calling up your most trusted, oldest friend but if your best friend was a seasoned, knowledgeable, expertly trained and accessible professional interior designer, available right at your fingertips. 


Let's get you back to Living Happy!


We offer scalable services so you can receive the exact assistance you need, without any upselling or pressure. All product is purchased directly by you, so you can avoid any purchasing or markup fees typically experienced with hiring a designer. If you use any of my affiliate links to purchase, I may earn a very small commission from those links.

Designer Friend

Quick Question

This is for one time, stand alone question or for personal shopping needs for 1-3 new items.

Aka“Hi, which of these lamps look best with my living room?"


"Hi, I'm looking for a rug for my bedroom and a pair of bedside tables - can you help?!"


Designer Friend

Let's Chat!

This is for a one time, series of questions or interconnected set of decisions. If you feel like you need to discuss a couple of decisions with a designer, then this is your service.

Or if you need a personal designer shopper for 4-6 items for your space, then this is for you!


Designer Friend

Let's Meetup!

This is the digital equivalent to meeting your BF for lunch. If you would like more interactive guidance and have a larger or more involved project, this service is for you. It's like having a one on one meeting with your trusted friend who just happens to be an expert designer.

This can also be used for personal shopping needs for up to 10 distinct items for your home spaces.


Dangers Of Decorating

On Your Own:

  • Immense stress due to having no idea what to do or where to start

  • Endless overwhelm at where and how to start

  • Stress and frustration every time you think of your space and how it doesn’t work for you

  • Constant and unending analysis paralysis and decision overload

  • Not being able to enjoy your space or time with your friends or family because your space doesn’t support the right activities or give you joy

  • Holding onto outdated décor, possessions, or art simply because someone gifted it to you, it had prior meanings, or you are simply too busy or too sick to freshen up your space yourself  

  • Delaying your life because your space is limiting you

See A La Carte Services Below

Benefits Of Our

Services Include:

  • Easy, quick expertise for your specific needs

  • Spaces that give you joy without experiencing any stress in creating them

  • Relief from decision roadblocks

  • Turning eyesores into the favorite spaces of your home

  • Transforming unused rooms into well loved, well used spaces

  • Spaces that support your best life (instead of the other way around)

  • Spaces filled with only the items you need, love or are beautiful to you!

  • Newfound confidence and happiness in knowing you can complete your home spaces (without a big fancy designer price tag)

If any of this sounds desirable, these services are for you. 

Designer Friend

A La Carte Services

Service Options Catered to Fit Your Needs

Virtual Live Calls

Can be used in combination with any above service or as a standalone service.

We can also use this as a conversation with a designer – a time for you to pick our design brain on any decision or item needing some design input.

30 Minute Virtual Call $60

60 Minute Virtual Call $130

90 Minute Virtual Call $200

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