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Wellness Design Package

Better Living with Chronic Illness. Let Us Do the Thinking for You!


Our exclusive Spoonie Wellness Design Package is offered solely to those living with chronic illnesses or disabilities. We know how much energy and adaptations it requires every day to live and thrive with your illness.

You are strong, and we want to support you with design and organizing tips specific to your needs. We also know the strain of chronic fatigue and relentless brain fog and how that can limit you from making simple tweaks in your surroundings to make living easier. Think of this as a treatment plan for your physical environment so it supports both your body and spirit!

Our Spoonie Design Package is a combination of our basic organizing services and intermediate design services. Let us hear your needs and recommend tailored solutions:

  • Knowing that many with Chronic Illness also suffer from reduced income and increased expenses, this package is offered at a reduced rate. 

  • This package is not a full room design or finishes scheme. This package is a way to troubleshoot multiple items, spaces, or specific problems in your physical space and décor to enhance your life with chronic illness and/or a disability. We will provide a checklist and action plan for improvements in your space, décor, and organizational tools to make your life easier and have your space support your wellness better.

  • Disclaimer – This service is not medical advice and all doctor recommendations for treatment of your condition should be followed.  



Process and Transformations:

  • One (1) live voice or video consultation call of 30-45 minutes in length to share any needs and discuss specific challenges. This can be done however you prefer. If video is too taxing, we can do a voice call instead and share images via text or emails instead of viewing the spaces on your call, whatever works with your energy needs at that time.

  • Q&A via email to make sure we are solving the right problems and to let us both clarify any information from the initial consultation call and for you to add anything that wasn't mentioned on the call.

  • PDF with bullet list of suggestions and bullet list of products with links. This could include organizational items, tweaks to your home layout or specific décor/finishes or home accessories to make your space work better for you and your chronic illness management. Reuse or repurpose of existing items will be considered when applicable.

  •  One follow up email to ask any clarifications

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