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Grow Your Life. Grow YOU!

Accessible design & color expertise for all of your sewing, wardrobe, and home endeavors with an emphasis on color and discovery.


Whether you are a busy professional, stay at home parent, or young or old, we welcome you to Studio of Growth. If you are a discerning individual or community looking for a way to better your hobby, your clothing closet, or your home spaces, we are here to help!

Studio of Growth is passionate about design, color, and helping others make their lives easier and more enjoyable. We offer expert services in quilting color theory and fabric selection, fabric stash and maker organizing, picking your best wardrobe colors, and home interior design and organizing services. All accessible and available exactly as you need for your ease and convenience.


Grow Your Life

 Be Creative

Find Joy in Everyday Moments


Grow Your Life with SOG!

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